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The Cost of Flying without a Bike Friday


Q in suitcaseInteresting story on Bike Radar about the airlines and their approach to flying with bikes that are not in a suitcase.

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New World Tourist review

Ridgely and the New World Tourist chillin'. Hey, modeling is a lot of work.

Ridgely and the New World Tourist chillin’. Hey, modeling is a lot of work.

Here is a blog we found online, with a review of our New World Tourist.

Add comment February 9, 2013

Pocket Llama review

2012 Pocket Llama Select.

2012 Pocket Llama Select.

There is an active cycling website in Singapore,, that offers reviews of bikes as well as other interesting tibits.

Here is a new review of a Pocket Llama Select on the website.

Add comment January 28, 2013

Bike Lanes are Good Business

The Landlords in Portland have begun to understand the value of cycling infrastructure. It’s just part of the culture of Portland that is leading the way.

While you check out the article, also take a good look at the organization presenting this blog,

It’s one of the organizations out there that can help you make a difference in the world.

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In what is sure to become as famous [infamous?] as golf’s rousing cheer “IN THE HOLE!” we bring you video of the Bilenky Junkyard Cross in Philadelphia, and the shout hear ’round the world:




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Found this interesting post, very poetic and somewhat thought provoking. So much so, we could overlook the miscue on describing the origin of design for the  Bike Friday tikit in the photo.



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American Bicyclist Cover Shot


Check out the Bike Friday tikit on the cover of the September issue of American Bicyclist. Nice.

Add comment September 24, 2012

Gas Consumption Down in NW

This interesting report by the Sightline Institute reports that drivers in Oregon and Washington are consuming less gasoline.

We think that’s great news for everyone, whether you are on a Bike Friday helping the cause or not.

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Damian Day in the News

Damian Day, photo courtesy of Patrina Hodgson, The Northland Age.


Bike Friday owner Damian Day recently had an article in The Northland Age about his upcoming adventures.

Add comment September 16, 2012

Ready for vacation

Our Bike Friday dealer in Germany, Andreas Seilinger and his wife Gitti, sent us these photos of their Bike Friday tikits, ready for vacation.

Colorful, wouldn’t you say?

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