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[NOTE: The price listed above is the STARTING PRICE for a Custom TandemTow'sDay. Price depends on the components you select. The price above does not reflect the price of the Bike Friday in the photo.]

The Tandem Two'sDay is our travel-friendliest tandem.

It quick folds in seconds for easy transport on bus, train, boat, and in the trunks of most cars.

It?l also pack into two optional Bike Friday TravelCases, ready for travel (as checked luggage).

With the optional TravelTrailer, the TravelCases convert to a towable trailer for all your gear! Fits Sizes: front 5ft to 6'5 custom, rear from 36" with some kid attachesments to 6ft plus. Both have a fair amount of adjustment range even after their custom building. Important in a tandem because a tandem gets ridden by many people in its long life. Think of all your visitors and how many will want to take a ride.

The Tandem Two'sDay is rated to carry about 400 pounds (180 kg) in weight: For a tandem that means the ability to stop it. Talk to us if you are going to ride it through hilly country with a load so you get the right brakes to control it on the down hills. Tandems can be quite fast.


Bags: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Bars: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Bottle Cages: Bottle Cage , Cateye Flexible
Bottles: BF 21oz. water bottle white w/black lid - black logo
Brake Levers: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Brake Parts: y?How do you want levers wired - Front brake Right or Left?
Brakes: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Cassette: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Chainrings: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Chains: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Computers: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Cranks, Tandem: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Derailleurs Rear: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Fenders/Mudguards: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Headset, Threaded: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Hub Front: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Kickstands: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Miscellaneous: Name Plate on Custom Bike Fridays - see design might be JPEG
Pedals: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Pumps: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Racks, Front: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Racks, Rear: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Rims: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Saddle: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Seatpost: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Shifters/Controls: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Spokes: Spokes DT 14 ga. Stainless w/ brass nip SPECIFY LENGTH
STEMS F: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Tires: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices
Trailer: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Travelcases: +Available, Call BF Dealer or BF factory for choices
Tubes: - Contact BF Dealer or BF factory for your choices

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Overall Experience Rating:

How cool is our Tandem Two’sDay!

We ordered it at the end of 2005 and picked it up when we arrived in Miami on 15 March 2006. It then travelled with us wherever we went for the next 9 months – 5+ months in North America, 3+ months in Europe before calling in through China and Hong Kong on the way home to Australia. We ordered a bright yellow one with the two suitcases and the trailer frame. While we wandered round mostly in vehicles or public transport, we had rides in various places.

We will not forget rides in Florida, Chicago, Kansas, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nanaimo (BC), Oregon (including the North West Tandem Rally in Corvallis), Washington, the Canadian Rockies (Jasper to Lake Louise), Ireland, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Our bike has been named Banana Split (BS) due to its colour and the concept of it “splitting”.

At times he was confined to his two Samsonite cases (such as in Nova Scotia, England and Hong Kong). There were other times, we used the clever folding capabilities and put BS into the trunk of a Camry, a Chev Monte Carlo, the tray of a Chev Silverado, a Peugeot 307 and even a regular VW Golf! We were able to put BS together (or take it apart for air travel) in a tad less than an hour. However its fantastic folding feature took us 5 to 10 minutes. There were times I managed to take someone else for a ride but by and large I was happy to have Fay on the back.

BS flew all the way FREE! Just part of our luggage, thanks to the One World syndicate of airlines. When we arrived back in Australia, he was allowed straight in without any duty, tax or even being quarantined! Our tandem Two’sDay certainly turns heads back here in Australia. Oh, our top speed last year was 79.8 kph down a hill on Gabriola Island off Vancouver Island, BC. [Written October 2007].

Overall Experience Rating:
Honeymoon trip across southern Sweden

August, 2004. My new bride, Sandy, & I packed up our blue TwosDay into two matching blue Samsonite travel cases for a honeymoon trip to Sweden. It's a second marriage for us both (I'm 61 and she's a 'little younger') and as 'seniors', I secretly wondered if we're both a tad crazy for trying this adventure. We flew via IcelandAir from Baltimore and arrived at her daughter's home in a suburb of Stockholm, where the next day, I took about two hours unpacking & reassembling the bike while dealing with the effects of jetlag. A detailed file folder inside each suitcase, noting its contents, had greased the process of getting the bike through all the X-ray, customs and security checks at both ends of the trip. I'd also marked seat heights and and handlebar settings so reassembly was fast. Two days later, we got a ride downtown to the pier for the "Juno" -- one of three classic old steamers (now dieselized) that transverse the Gota Canal across southern Sweden (see http://www.scantours.com/gota_canal.htm). The crew put the bike up on the rear of the top deck, where it drew many comments and inquiries from other passengers during the voyage ("you're going to do WHAT?? Oh, that's marvelous!"). We put our single B/F trailer used for hauling our clothes and spare parts in the small cabin with us, which made it a bit of a challenge for those middle-of-the-night constitutionals. We also mounted a pair of medium-sized black panniers on the rear of the bike for raingear, snack food, tools, a small tire pump, etc. A handlebar bag carried the cameras and maps. After a splendid 4-day 'honeymoon' cruise across the canal/lake route on the "Juno," we arrived in Goteborg and prepared to ride back across the country to Stockholm by following four segments of the country's national "Sverigeleden" bike trail network (see: http://www.svenska-cykelsallskapet.se/www.svenska-cykelsallskapet.se/Engelska/Engelska/index.htm). For the next 7 days, we had a wonderful adventure together, staying at youth hostels, bed & breakfasts, a rural sportfishing camp and 4-star country inns, meeting wonderful people (everyone speaks English) and seeing the gorgeous Swedish countryside. Losing 1-1/2 days to rain prevented our making it all the way back to Stockholm, but gave us a much-needed rest after two mildly hilly 100 km days. We made it to Nykoping on the east coast of the country, about 80 km south of Stockholm, after a total 340-mile ride. There, we simply folded the front fork and the rear chainstay and piled the bike and trailer into the rear of our son-in-law's Volvo station wagon; everything fit just fine. The TwosDay performed flawlessly, except for one rear flat (I hadn't changed out the tubes after buying the bike used from a widow in Pennsylvania). Riding only became a 'chore' if we tried to exceed 100 kilometers a day -- 'pushing it' a bit by pulling the fairly heavily loaded single trailer. The delightfully longer summer days at the higher latitude of Sweden allowed extended riding times, and we took advantage of this. We also were blessed by a lusty southwest tailbreeze and brilliant sunny skies with puffy cumulus clouds most days. Temperatures were perfect for riding -- between 65 and 75 degrees. Sweden is a 'biking country', so the national bike trail is fairly well-marked and a real pleasure to ride for most of its distance. Trail routing deliberately sends riders past many interesting historical sites via lightly traveled back country roads that are virtually free of car and truck traffic. Most drivers give a courteous 'toot' and a wide berth when passing cyclists there. We ran on kevlar-belted Comet "Primo" tires at about 100 pounds pressure and took along two extra tubes and one extra tire for both the bike and the trailer, just in case. Some of the routing took us on back roads that were hard-packed dirt. One road was being freshly graded to reduce its crown height (while we watched in horror), so the next 15 kilometers was through soft gravel and dirt that forced us to walk part way. The narrow, high-pressure road "Primos" sink into such soft surfaces, making two-up riding with a trailer simply impossible. With two digital cameras recording our jaunt, we'll have years of memories of this trip to treasure and share. And we're staying in touch by email with many of the new friends we met. Combining the high quality of the TwosDay tandem with the scenic charm of southern Sweden is really hard to beat for one of those rare life experiences. It whetted our appetite for future tours together in other faraway places (New Zealand, anyone ?)

Overall Experience Rating:
Terry and Janice have a new Two'sDay tandem!

The whole experience of working with Steve Strickland and purchasing our new tandem went very well. We purchased our bike on March 15th after several e-mails and a few discussions with Steve on the phone. When the bike was completed, Steve gave us the UPS tracking number and we were able to see it make its way from Eugene to Portland, Minneapolis, Des Moines and finally Marion Iowa one month later on April 15th. We even both took the day off because we were so excited to be getting our new bike. It arrived around noon and we had it unpacked and assembled by mid-afternoon. We rode a few miles out on the open road and only made a few adjustments to seat height. The video was very helpful. I stopped and watched a couple of sections a couple of times. We're looking forward to many years of riding both in Iowa and on our vacation adventures. I'm sure we will be practicing folding and packing a few times before we hit the vacation trail. I have heard nothing but great comments from everybody I have talked to including our local bike shop on the quality of Bike Friday. Now, we know why for ourselves. We can't wait to show off our new bike and pass along some referrals to our biking friends. Thank you Steve and keep up the great work Bike Friday! Terry and Janice Whaley Marion Iowa

Overall Experience Rating:
The Santana is for sale

Hi Steve, We are DELIGHTED with our Two'sDay. The fit is perfect. It's very stable, even on serious descents. It climbs extremely well. (You'll remember from the gearing issues that we are big hill and small mountain riders.) This is tremendous! Fitting in the RV is uncertain because we're in the process of changing that too(!); I'm confident it will be equally great, though. Careful planning and all that. :-) It fits nicely into the trunk of our Civic. By the way, our Santana is for sale. Cheers, Steve. Spring is coming. Spring is coming. Spring is coming... David G.

Old Twosday Still Alive and kicking

I have a Two'sday I bought used, #T237? It's got V brakes, a front Arai drum brake, 3x7 rear shifter, H bars, a cheap rear shockpost. I'm using Primo Comets (1 3/8?) at 100 psi. It's been to Europe, twice, and around the Midwest, with us. Previous owner was in Australia. Have a trailer stacker setup, but haven't used it per se. We also have a BicycleRevolution trailer that we haul groceries in. I can quick-fold it in about one minute. A great feature. With some practice, it takes about 15 minutes to disassemble and 30 minutes to pack into two Carlton Airtecs, and about 30 minutes to re-assemble. A couple of pieces have gotten slightly bent from getting slammed in the corners of the suitcases by the gorillas. It's important to pad the edges and use the inserts that keep the hingy-things properly spaced. The bike is easy to fit into the suitcases, with the exception of the rear rack. The bike rides nicely. My stoker says the rear ride isn't overly bumpy. The frame flexes some when we stand up, but not excessively. I suspect that a conventional tandem might be faster, but I like the portability. I bought it used (with BF kindly serving as an escrow) so don't know about ordering. Have bought a few parts, with good response. A few problems: the headset chronically loosens, the captain's seat mast hinge creaks, the front hub cones wear out too fast, the rear chain skips off the stoker's crank periodically, the bolt clamping the stoker's stem to the captain seatpot sticks out a little too far, the horizontal bottle cages aren't very usable. That's generally minor stuff. Otherwise, it's been a great bike!

Overall Experience Rating:

"Bounciness" in the Tandem Two'sDay frame at 85 rpm+ pedal cadance.

Overall Experience Rating:
Satisfactory - 7 out of 10

We have taken the Tandem Two'sDay recently on a tour laden with the TravelTrailer. We found the weight of the trailer to have an impact on our climbing ability.

We also found that on a reasonable tour with more than four hours in the saddle that the stoker found her position agonisingly uncomfortable.

If we had the had choice again, we would have gone for a Traveler XL - the option was not available at the time. The bike spends most of its time unpacked and unfolded.

Also the bike does feel heavy climbing with a reasonably-laden trailer much harder and slower.

We would probably use our single bikes in preference to a laden tandem on a tour.

Overall Experience Rating:
Living with a Two'sDay everyday

Our Two'sDay has proven to be all we wanted it to be after its first year. Our initial decision to buy a Two'sDay was based on two needs, a custom fit for my wife and I who have a ten-inch difference in height, and a travel tandem we can easily take anywhere. Thankfully, the folks at Green Gear put together a bike that really works for us.

The custom-fit and quick handling features of the Two'sDay are great. It is more responsive than our conventional tandem. We find remarks that Two'sDays are slower and take more work than other tandems are unfounded. We often fold our Two'sDay into the back of our car for take-along rides. It is quick and simple to stow.

The big success story was taking it to France for a two-week tour. We took it apart and loaded it into the two suitcases and, with lots of fitting and refitting, were able to also pack in helmets, shoes, and lots of spare parts. We checked it at the airport here and forgot about it until we picked it up at the airport there. No charge, no questions, and no lugging a monster around as on past trips with our conventional tandem. Putting the Two'sDay through a meticulous maintenance check prior to the trip paid off. We experienced absolutely no glitches... not even a flat during the entire tour.

A tip or two to would-be Two'sDay owners: Go with high-end components. The initial expense pays off in smooth workings and longevity. Mid-width tires stand up to tandem use better than narrow ones. Tires for 406 wheels are widely available. Paraffin-based lubricants inhibit chain and cable movement on long tandem drivetrains. Hoard a stash of Bike Friday-specific spare parts. Tandems require more attention to maintenance and adjustment than single bikes... based on taking care of our fleet of nine bikes.

Overall Experience Rating:
If it's Two'sDay, it must be France

My wife, Cynthia, and I bought our Two'sDay last Christmas, as a special gift for us. What a fantastic gift. We no longer ride our full-sized Burley. We live in Montreal, Quebec, and no one here has ever seen one like it. We are often stopped and questioned about it.

We spent five weeks in Europe last summer, mostly touring inn to inn in France, among the chateaux of the Loire Valley, and also in the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The bike performed flawlessly. Many Francais heads turned and hands waved as we passed on this strange-looking red machine with a stacked trailer following behind. Shouts of "Bon courage," and "Bonne route" followed us everywhere. We had absolutely no regrets. It was so easy. Buy a few maps, pick a route, and away you go. Stop when you're tired, buy a bottle of local wine, some ripe cheese, a baguette, and life is sublime.

Thanks so much for all the support from the folks at Bike Friday. It's nice to do business with a business that strives to please its customers.

Not a tandem to sneeze at.

We bought a Two'sDay in March 1995 when they were really new. We were skeptical, thought it looked funny, but on a test ride, we found it stiffer and more responsive than our '87 Santana Sovereign, not a tandem to sneeze at. We have taken the Two'sDay around the Big Island of Hawaii, to England and to Normandy. It's the fourth bike we've ridden around the rim of Crater Lake and that was the easiest ride we'd ever done there. We don't ride the Santana anymore. Can't bear to part with it, so we keep it for visitors. Our Two'sDay is our preferred tandem. We ride it on club rides on Saturdays, and only take it apart when we're starting a vacation that requires air travel.

Overall Experience Rating:
Two'sDay Traveling

We've had our Two'sDay for two seasons now and have enjoyed touring with it. The bike works great with a trailer and is more comfortable than either of our other two tandems. We have around 5,000 miles on ours and have yet to either fold it or pack it for travel. That will change this coming April when we take it to visit friends in Virginia. We've ridden the Two'sDay on roads and on gravel bike paths and have had good experience with both. We've named ours the "Purple Passion" for obvious reasons.

The people at Green Gear were very easy to work with and have been great when we've had problems and we've had a couple... new derailleur, new rear wheel, new headset, but we've been treated very well. Customer satisfaction seems to be a major goal for Green Gear.

Any questions, send an e-mail message.

Tom and Fran Ostertag

Overall Experience Rating:
Five weeks in Nova Scotia on our Tandem Tuesday

Nova Scotia is a marvelous place to bicycle because there are few cars and lots of backroads. However, it is also difficult to bicycle into all the various areas as the province is much larger than we had expected. By folding our tandem and sliding it under the luggage compartment on the bus, we were able to see much more of the country than we would have otherwise. We were so glad we had our folding tandem rather than our "limo," a Cannondale tandem. If you would like further information about travel tips for Nova Scotia, please contact us.


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