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Pocket Llama - 20
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 23, 2001
Posted by: Eduardo Vazquez
Email: eduavt@yahoo.com

I have used the Pocket Llama in the same singletrack as my friends in the deserts of Mexico and the performance is great!

I have been able to take it along in a tour of Tabasco, one of the states of Mexico, and with the aid of a trailer (which I made myself), I've been able to tow my camping gear and an inflatable kayak through the state.

I was able to put the bike into the suitcase and into the kayak to cruise the Grijalva River, one of the most important rivers of Mexico, and when I reached my destination, Villahermosa, I did the opposite: deflated the kayak and put it into the suitcase with the camping gear.

Try that with a normal bike!

A customer wrote on June 17, 2001
Gripshift /Rapid fire 58/48/39 chainrings
My Pocket Llama came with a 130 high--with 58/48/39-tooth chainrings. It was very diffcult to adjust the front derailleur using GripShift and Rapid Fire shifters.

To solve this problem, I installed Deore thumb shifters (top mounted).

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 16, 2000
Posted by: Richard Drdul
Email: drdul@telus.net
If I could only have one bike, this is it!

In addition to my Bike Friday, I own or have owned a recumbent single, a recumbent tandem, an upright tandem, a full-suspension MTB, a rigid MTB, a road bike and a folding bike (and one day a unicycle!). If I could only own one bike, it would be my Bike Friday AirLlama. It offers the best all-round riding experience of any bike.

Sure, it isn't as comfortable as a recumbent on a 200km ride, and sure it isn't as good as a full-suspension MTB on technical trails, but it is damn comfortable for an upright and it is surprisingly good on moderate off-road trails. It eats up small bumps, accelerates from a traffic signal like a bat out of hell, and handles as well as any bike. And because it allows me to take a bike to places I otherwise wouldn't be able to, it enhances my riding experience like no other bike can.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 12, 1999
Posted by: Rainer Tribowski
Email: nilfrosch@aol.com
Short trips and journeys with less luggage

I prefer using my Bike Friday for short trips with train and bike. I don't have to get a ticket for my BF and I can take every train. My Pocket Llama is good for road and off-road trips (depending on the tires) up to 150 km a day. My BF is also first choice when I travel with small luggage for journeys with longer distance. Until now, I never used the TravelTrailer for my luggage because I like to ride faster with my BF (80 km/h downhill on roads in the Pyrenees) and less luggage on my rear rack.

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