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Pocket Llama - 19
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: March 31, 2003
Posted by: Michael Rasmussen
Email: mikeraz@patch.com
Through rain, through dark, through city and country: Great!

I wanted my travel bike to be my everyday bike too. So I bought the Llama with an eye toward durability that would stand up to commuting underneath my (then) 260 pound body through the rains of Portland, Oregon winters. As I approach the 1000 mile mark on this bike my experience has been comfortable and dependable. The comfort was reinforced last weekend on a four hour ride that left me tired, really hungry, and ready to go ride some more. As to dependability, the bike has carried this 260 to 240 pound rider, frequently carrying 15+ pounds of baggage, through a mucky, rainy winter with only (not frequent enough) chain lubes with no problems or signs of wear. OK, I have replaced the brake pads. And I did have one flat - in my living room. After I pulled a thorn out of the tire. Yes, I highly recommend the Schwalbe Marathon tires! And I getting really good at explaining that "No, you don't have to pedal faster because of the small wheels. It's all in the gearing. Yes, it rides like a normal bike. I'm not even aware of the difference while riding." An unexpected benefit of a BF bike is folding it up to put into the car for a quick trip to wherever. Folding is not just for flying! Forget the rack on the back or roof of your car. Just pop the bike into the back seat or trunk and go. I'm looking forward to centuries and Cycle Oregon ( http://www.cycleoregon.com/ ) this fall and riding the llama through Hell's Canyon. Background: The llama was the first bike I've owned in over 12 years. I bought it in November 2002 and immediately started commuting to work on it. This review was written after over four months of consistant commuting.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: December 11, 2002
Posted by: Trevor Caldwell
Email: trevorc@i-o.net.au
A great bike that is fun to ride

I have owned my Bike Friday (a Pocket Llama) some three months and cycled over 1300 km (800 miles). To say the least I am impressed. Last weekend I completed a 100 km (60 mile) day ride. This bike is as easy to ride and as comfortable as my full sized bike and much more responsive and maneuverable. In fact it is fun to ride and I reckon anything I do in my life needs to have a component of fun attached. I bought this bike as a present to myself for my forthcoming 60th birthday. The service from Bike Friday was good (I am in Australia but the sales person, Peter Berra, was most helpful and everything I ordered arrived). Packing the bike in its travel case is a challenge but I am slowly perfecting the art! I live some 20 km from the town where I work in rural Australia and frequently use my Pocket Llama to commute. This bike is great on both sealed and unsealed roads but a bit airyon loose surfaces. This may well be because of the small wheel size but the tyres (Schwalbe Marathon) probably don help either. In summary I am rappedwith this bike and am increasingly using it over my other full size bike. I will be off on my first tour (in Tasmania) in January. I reckon Bike Friday is a great company and the product top class. Keep up the good work.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: June 23, 2001
Posted by: Eduardo Vazquez
Email: eduavt@yahoo.com

I have used the Pocket Llama in the same singletrack as my friends in the deserts of Mexico and the performance is great!

I have been able to take it along in a tour of Tabasco, one of the states of Mexico, and with the aid of a trailer (which I made myself), I've been able to tow my camping gear and an inflatable kayak through the state.

I was able to put the bike into the suitcase and into the kayak to cruise the Grijalva River, one of the most important rivers of Mexico, and when I reached my destination, Villahermosa, I did the opposite: deflated the kayak and put it into the suitcase with the camping gear.

Try that with a normal bike!

A customer wrote on June 17, 2001
Gripshift /Rapid fire 58/48/39 chainrings
My Pocket Llama came with a 130 high--with 58/48/39-tooth chainrings. It was very diffcult to adjust the front derailleur using GripShift and Rapid Fire shifters.

To solve this problem, I installed Deore thumb shifters (top mounted).

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