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Family Tandem Traveler - 4
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Overall Experience Rating:
Date: February 4, 2013
Posted by: Colas Meulien
Posted by: cmeu
problems on saturday

Bought a BF tandem 3 years ago. I learned a lot about mecchanics since. there is no after service outside USA.

I had to change chainrings 3 times, chain once, front brakes once (not pads but the whole brakes because it broke in a slope...) and I had to take my kid to the hospital once because she had her feet hurted between the chain and chainring.

We never ride more than 5 km from home, we had to do the trip back home pushing the tandem at least 5 times. I own 5 bikes and the one I use the less is the one that has the more problem and also that cost the more: BF

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 13, 2011
Posted by: Steve Kato
Posted by: blueneck
STP 2011 on Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler

Dear Bike Friday - I want to say thank you in particular to Peter Berra, but to all of the crew at Bike Friday.

I had been interested in riding the STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride) on tandem for a long time, but I saw my friends struggling with racks and finding cars with enough space to take the tandems along.

My requirements were to not have to spend any money on racks and I wanted something that would allow my wife, son, and daughter to ride without having to buy extra parts to get a custom fit.

Then while searching bikeforums.net someone mentioned Bike Friday. One of my friends did the STP on a Bike Friday a few years ago. I figured now is the time to do it.

Our Bike Friday Family Tandem arrived in mid-April thanks to Peter who expedited the order. My daughter and I stayed up late that night working to put it together. It took me a while to figure things out since the video online was slightly different from the instructions that were sent with the tandem. It turns out that the printed instructions were correct.

Along the way I got help from people on the Yak and from Bike Friday support. The plan was to start training for the STP with my 13 year-old daughter. However, the maiden trip on the tandem was with my wife. We rode a nice flat 12 mile route in Skagit valley during the Tulip Festival. We then rode the tandem to a nice lunch in La Conner - we didn't have to worry about parking!

I then started training with my daughter. Our first ride was just around the neighborhood getting familiar with to how to ride. I even did a short half-block ride with my son. So everyone in our family has been on the tandem.

On one training ride we were late getting back for my daughter's friend's birthday party so we stepped on it. I put it in the smallest cog and cranked up the internal hub.

We were zooming along at around 17 mph or so. I thought I started to get pretty tired when a guy in a blue jersey rode by on a single shouting, "Thanks for the ride!" I didn't realize until he was 15 yards in front that he'd been drafting off of us.

A little later, another rider passed us and he had a big grin on his face. I felt my daughter push harder on the pedals so I pushed it up a little -- but I was getting a little tired.

Then we saw two tandems ahead of us and we caught up to them, passed them, started to run out of energy, and they passed us. Finally, one of our friends on a tandem caught up to us and we made it back to our car.

My daughter then told me the guy who grinned at us was drafting off of us too. As I drove, I asked my daughter if she had fun. She said, "Yes!" I asked her why and she said she liked passing people.

I started to learn more about my daughter as we rode -- more than I ever would have if we didn't ride tandem. Since then my daughter and I have done the SWAN Century, we've ridden up Crystal Mountain, and have gone on rides around Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish.

Our biggest ride to-date, is the Cascade Bike Club STP. We had over 40 riders in our group and we rode to support the International Justice Mission.

We rode about 200 miles over two days on the Family Tandem. We got a lot of tandem related comments like, "Your dad's not peddling hard enough" and Bike Friday comments like, "Hey! That's a Bike Friday! Where'd you get that?"

On the second day, the rear chain broke. I was able to fix it with one link short so I'll be ordering a new chain soon. I guess we had been really pushing the tandem, passing people left and right and getting passed by an equal number of other people.

But we finished the STP on the Bike Friday Family Tandem Traveler! At this point I believe we have logged over 500 miles. We are really enjoying our Family Tandem. I like the fact that I can shift while stopped and that I can easily assemble and disassemble the tandem in 15 min. or so.

I also like the wide range of rider accommodation. I would probably opt for a smaller small cog to go just a little faster. For those of you considering it -- I highly recommend it.

Overall Experience Rating:
Date: July 17, 2003
Posted by: Richard Vallens
Email: VallensR@aol.com
The single BEST purchase I have ever made!

Bike Friday's owners could go to the Hall of Fame based on the Family Tandem alone! This bike is so much MORE than an assembly of tubing and tires and components. It's a flying carpet of great magic, the perfect soltuion to the eternal quest of doing something with your kids where you can both have fun and truly communicate. My rides with my son (13 now, 8 when we bought the bike) on the Family Tandem are the BEST, absolutely the best memories he and I have. We've had a complete Blast! on this bike - physically close enough to talk and hear (and conspire) well, with the bicycling effortlessly filling any gaps in conversation. You learn little from a child by asking questions ("Tell me about school today." "It was fine."). You learn everything by being close enough to hear as their thoughts and impressions burble out during a long Family Tandem ride. So many times, it was just us in our own world, father and son on the Red Bike. The genius of the Family Tandem design comes into focus once you own it. Most significantly - the main tubes are low to the ground. Even a four year old can put their feet down at a stop. This is a huge security and comfort advantage to a small child. And as your kids grow older, guess what? You don't need a new bike every two or three years. The Family Tandem, with it's adjustable everything, just grows as they do. When I purchased our Family Tandem six years ago, I remember thinking so clearly, "I can't belive I'm spending this MUCH money on a bike." Within an hour of riding it for the first time, my perspective changed entirely. I couldn't belive I got so much bike for the small amount of money I paid. Our first test ride was supposed to be around the block. We didn't get back for two hours. "Dad, can we bicycle over to my school." "Dad, can we ride to Mason Park." "Dad, can we ride to the bird sanctuary." "Dad, can we PLEASE take the **long** way home." My little boy is no longer little, and I can hardly keep up with him as he rides his new road bike. But we'll always remember our hours and hours together on the Family Tandem. Like I said, it's the best money I've ever spent.

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