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  • New World Tourist & Crusoe
  • New Companion, Sport & Expedition
  • Pocket Llama
  • Pocket Rocket
  • Pocket Rocket Pro & Super Pro
  • Pocket Petite - Tour & Road
  • Bantam for LPA
  • Silk-belt drive fold & travel
  • tikit compact quickest folder
  • Osata-super fast packing travel bike!
  • Folding Tandem Two'sDays
  • XL & Family Tandems & Triples

Special Bike Friday Features [?]

  • Xtra-adjustable from 4ft to 6ft 2inches
  • Hyper fast folding tikit < 5 seconds!
  • Belt drive bikes - clean, smooth, quiet
  • Internal Gear Hubs - Chain & Belt drive
  • Little People of America Inseams < 23"
  • Safe Routes to School teaching Model

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