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Folding & Packing


The Many Ways Bike Friday Travels With You

'Any Way' and 'Wherever You Go'

1. Folds in seconds to go with you on the bus, under your desk at work, in the trunk of your car, on a train, a taxi, in your boat, in your private plane or yes, even in your canoe!

2. "Bike Friday owners take their bikes everywhere. They ride to the airport self-contained, morph into ordinary airline travelers carrying a suitcase (with the bike inside), and then turn back into bicycle tourists at the destination" - John Schubert in his 2 page Bike Friday review in Adventure Cyclist, Feb 2006'

The optional TravelCase allows you to avoid bike box fees and hassle! There is an optional Travel Trailer frame which converts your TravelCase into a Travel Trailer so you can ride away from the airport wiht your luggage in the TravelCase trailer!

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