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Specs For This Model
  • 16 speed gear train
  • 20" x 1.75 tires-406 std world wide
  • Very Adjustable & comfortable
  • Easiest choices
  • takes all BF accessories
  • compact for storage
  • easy to travel
  • performance ride
  • not one size fits all
Companion 16
Companion 16
Companion 16 Companion 16 Companion 16
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The Companion is a popular bicycle for first time Bike Friday buyers because of its price. It can do most things that you want in a general purpose bike. But if you have specialized bike skills or riding plans you might want to look at the other models also. They are all optimized for specific uses of skilled performance oriented cyclists.

The Companion frame was designed to allow riders a relaxed, comfortable position while providing excellent handling even when it's weighed down with gear.

Each year our designers search the globe to come up with the best group of components for the price. This Companion 16 speed group works well together, and gives you what you need to hit the road with no worries.

If you want to Personalize your Bike Friday you will want to choose a Select model or a fully Customized Bike Friday. The Companion is the one for you if a much simpler choice of the 3 sizes and colors meets your intrest.

As with all Bike Fridays, we measure a rider's body to find the best fit of our three basic frame sizes (52 cm, 56 cm, 60 cm), or you can upgrade to Customized sizing anywhere from 48 cm to 62 cm.

Its chrome moly steel frame offers durability and repairability -- key elements when touring or commuting. The bike itself weighs in at about 27 pounds. As a result, the Companion is an excellent choice for touring, commuting, recreational or just good old fashion exercise.

It easily folds to travel by car, train, bus, plane or boat. When folded, it is fairly compact and easy to store. And because it works well as a travel bike, (i.e. it was built to ride not just fold) it's a good choice for riders who plan to go on an extended tour or to explore the world. That is if you want a proven design to do it on without getting into the process of a lot of choice and custom build.


2a Main frame: CHOOSE Bike size >S, M, or L - CHOOSE
Bars: z MTB, flat 580mm x5 degree silver polished aluminum
BB bearing: 113mm BF Sealed Bearing 68xEnglish
Bottle Cages: Velocity Bottle Trap Black Cage
Bottles: BF 21oz. water bottle white w/black lid - black logo
Brakes: z Origin 8 Sport Comp V-Brake Set
Cassette: 11-28 8sp Shimano Oem
Cranks: FSA Vero 39/53 8/9sp 170mm 130 bcd, black, square taper bb
Derailleurs Front: Shimano Claris double front derailleur FD-2400
Derailleurs Rear: Shimano Altus M280 SGS - (34t max x 43 tooth total)
Headset, Threadless: 1 1/8" FSA Tap Adjust threadless, black, headset
Hub Front: BF Select 28o 100mm FRONT Silver w/QR
Hub Rear: BF Select 28o 130mm rear-Silver w/QR
Miscellaneous: Name Plate - NONE comes standard w/ this model
Pedals: yNone supplied std. Choose if you want us to supply
Rims: Weinmann TM19 (406) 28o Black
Saddle: y NONE SUPPLIED - add if you want us to supply
Seatpost: Kalloy #243 Sil adjust post 28.6 x 350mm
Shifters/Controls: SRAM MRX 8 sp set r&l
Spokes: Spokes DT 14 ga. Stainless w/ brass nip SPECIFY LENGTH
STEMS F: BF Ahead style(60,75,90,105,120mm) we size or- CHOOSE
Tires: OEM 406 - 20 x 1.5 - 60psi pavement tread
Travelcases: Standard Spec - NONE - Packed in Heavy box
Tubes: 20x1.5 to 1.95" SV (406) (NOT for 1"-1.25 width tires)


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Overall Experience Rating:
Review of Pocket Companion

Review of Bike Friday Standard Pocket Companion, medium frame (56cm. top-tube), Black color, USD1173 bought from OneBikes shop, authorised dealer, in Jakarta.

Upgrades & accessories: USD586 2) STI Sora 9 speed shifters 3) Cassete 9 speed 4) Chain 9-speed 5) Travel agent (adjuster to use STI Sora brake levers with V-brakes) 6) Bar tape 7) Front rack 8) Removable pedals Specifications: Bars Flat Bars - Kalloy MTB, polished aluminum 22" 5 degree (dealer did not accept trade-in, so I have them too).

Upgraded to drop-bar. Stem Bike Friday Ahead style on adjustable riser Cranks Vuelta Alloy Triple, square taper 170mm Bottom bracket 113mm BF Sealed Cartridge Bearing Tires 20 x 1.75 Kenda Kontact 20 (406) 40-65psi blk. hybrid Brake levers Tektro V-brake levers, upgraded to STI Sora brake levers Brakes Tektro "V" Brake Shifters SRAM MRX grip shift, 8x3 speed, upgraded to Shimano STI Sora 9x3-speed shifters Rear derailleur Shimano Deore SGS Front derailleur Shimano Ultegra Chainrings: 30-42-52 (Shimano Ultegra Triple crankset 6503 comes with three matched rings; 52 - 42 - 30 teeth) Cogs: SRAM 9 speed 11,12,13,14,16,18,21,24,28 Front hub External sealed - BF Select 32o 100mm Rear hub External sealed - BF Select 32o 130mm Rims Alex X-DM18 (406) 32o 20x1.5" silver and black Headset 1 1/4: OS Alloy Chain 8 speed, upgraded to 9 speed Seatpost Alloy micro adjust Saddle Velo Plush gel padded Pedals Removable pedals Weight: less than 12kg. complete bike with upgraded parts

Foldability: The claimed folded size - 34 x 33 x 12 in. After changing to drop-bars my rough measurement was 37 x 27.5 x 14 in. The seat-post and stem riser with the drop-bar had to be removed by turning the levers to release and then pulled out before they could be put into a soft travelling bag. A more expensive customisation would be fitted with the seat-post and stem that could be folded without removing from the bike. (See picture: BF folded with detached seat-post and stem riser) Packing: With seat-post, stem riser & wheels removed the bike with all its parts could be packed into a regular-size luggage measuring 31 x 22 x 11 in. without additional charge for oversize luggage imposed by airlines. (See picture: Luggage Bag with BF 1 & 2)

What I like about my Pocket Companion: Excellent construction (all BFs are hand-made) of its chromoly carbon steel frame (warranty for life) which is stronger, lighter and more rust-resistant than ordinary steel. I also like its simple design with most components (handle-bar, front & rear derailleurs, shifters, brake, seat-post, stem) that can be upgraded with third-party brands like Shimano & Sram)

The monocoque frame is very sturdy and there is no perceptible flexing when ridden. The ride is comparable to that of a regular MTB or road bike (without suspensions). I chose not to have additional joints that allowed the stem riser and seat-post to be folded because each joint added more weight and was more susceptible to vibration giving a "wobbly" ride and the bike tended to shimmy when descending fast down-hill. I have so far ridden the bike for about 120km. and tested it on the Genting-Sempah road in Kuala Lumpur (a long gradual uphill ascend of 25km).

I had ridden this road before on my Raleigh Elite MTB and could say that the BF performed just as well without much difference in effort thanks to the 27-speed (the same as that in my MTB). However, the max. speed of descend, without applying brakes, was definitely slower (48km. vs 68km) due to the smaller wheels. The 20in. wheels could climb hills as well as 26in. but again, slower, when pedalling at the same cadence and using both bikes on the lowest gears.

What I dislike about it: 1. The Shimano STI Sora shifters was below my expectation. There was a peculiar shifting from the big to the middle chainring when I had to click twice. All the other gear shifting required only one click. The rear derailleur shifting was smooth and easy but not the front derailleur which required me to press harder on the shifter. Perhaps the STI Sora shifter was not completely compatible with the front Shimano Ultegra derailleur. 2. When folding one had to be careful to shift the chain to the smallest chainring and the smallest cog otherwise the tension cable would pull too taut. However, when the chain was in this position (smallest chainring & smallest cog) the chain tended to drop off when the bike was folded. I saw a video which demonstrated how to avoid this but I was not able to keep the chain on which required me to manually reattach the chain after unfolding the bike. 3. Accessories from Bike Friday are very expensive. Furthermore, the authorised oversea dealers do not keep stock. I had to pay a 50% deposit to order a rear folding rack (USD139) and a soft travelling bag (USD79) from the Singapore dealer and was told that delivery would take 2-3 weeks. Conclusion: So far I have enjoyed riding the bike, in spite of its smaller wheels. I shall be using my BF for touring and commuting. The stiff shifting of the front derailleur is something that I can get used to until the Sora shifters wear out and I can upgrade to a better shifter. The foldability is not as easy nor as quick as that of other folding bikes but this wasn't my priority when I decided to buy a folding bike as long as I can pack it into a regular-size luggage bag for overseas travel. Performance, sturdiness, less vibration and less shimmy was what I preferred. In these respects the Pocket Companion passed the test. Pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cheewengyeoh/sets/72157626948415881/

Overall Experience Rating:
Above and beyond.

I was recently in Eugene on a motorcycle trip. I've always wanted a Bike Friday. I walked to their location to see the bikes in person. Walter let me take one on a test ride on the bike path behind the shop. 10 miles later, I was hooked. I bought a Pocket Companion, with the provision that I could ride it while in Eugene and have them ship it home when I left. I don't yet have a great way to carry it on the motorcycle. I tore around the Eugene's excellent bike path system and averaged 20 miles a day. The day before I left, I dropped it at the shop. I drive a small car that my other bikes don't fit into, so I'm looking forward to taking this one on my adventures. I was amazed how fast and stable the little bike was. It was also nice that it fit nicely in my hostel room.

Overall Experience Rating:
Love this bike!

I picked up my Pocket Companion at Coventry bike shop in Portland after discussing my needs with Sandy at BF. Four days later I was riding down the Oregon coast with two friends on their Surly LHT's. Had I known it would rain for the first three days of our tour I would have gotten the fenders, but I had no problems whatsoever with the bike. I had panniers front and rear and it handled the load well. I had to walk up some of the steeper climbs as I'm not a strong rider, but the bike felt stable and was fun on the fast descents.

I spent some time in Eugene and went to the BF factory where I was able to try out a few of the other bikes on the bike path behind the factory. At the end of the trip the mechanic at Coventry helped me pack the bike into my new TravelCase. There were no extra charges or unpleasant surprises when we checked in at NWA and the bike arrived back home in perfect shape. This experience has me thinking about where I want to go next with my bike. I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me.

Overall Experience Rating:
I feel like a kid again!

My new Companion feels like a new/old friend! I glide along the paths with a whopping big smile on my face, flying like a little girl in the wind. I can't wait to try it overseas someday. Move over Armstrong!


Bfa TravelBag, Standard 34"x 29"x 9" (Black)
Part No. 35
more info

Bfa TravelBag, Compact 27"x 27"x 9" (Black)
Part No. 7013
more info

Incredibell XL
Part No. 105
more info

Incredibell Bar End, chrome
Part No. 104
more info

CatEye Strada Wireless CC-RD300W Cyclometer
Part No. 11913
more info

Low Mount for bar height over 37 inches
Part No. 8170
more info

Direct mount, black, alloy kickstand (NWT,PT,FT, Cr)
Part No. 6519
more info

zLights-Planet Bike Blinky 1200x battery light Set
Part No. 8195
more info

Mirrycle Mirror - Mountain
Part No. 619
more info

Crank Brothers Pump 115psi (176mm, silver)
Part No. 6787
more info

Topeak Mini Dual DX w/guage(120psi/presta & schrader)
Part No. 705
more info

BF Front Low Mount Cro-Moly rack Blk- rated 50 lbs
Part No. 718
more info

BF Folding Rear Rack Cro-Moly tube - Black 65lb limit
Part No. 9461
more info

BF Alloy Standard Rear Rack - Black w/ braces 40lb limit
Part No. 719
more info

Terry Womens Butterfly Chromoly
Part No. 11870
more info

Med. Toe Clips and Straps
Part No. 967
more info

Mini Clips Small/Med
Part No. 7394
more info

Sm. Toe Clips and Straps
Part No. 968
more info

Mini Clips Large/Xlarge
Part No. 8294
more info

Lg. Toe Clips and Straps
Part No. 966
more info

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