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Len Gould  Bike Consultant

I first started biking in 1965. I was a New York City boy wanting to get around town without having to go into the underground transit system. From there I would go on youth hostel summer trips through Pennsylvania and Connecticut. I never forgot the feeling of freedom and independence riding a bike gave me as a youth.

At age 50 I discovered the fun and challenging world of Mountain Biking.

In the past I’ve worked in construction, real estate and for law firms. I’ve spent my whole working career helping people achieve their goals. In the last few years I used my knowledge of real estate and law to assist families facing foreclosure. I did this on the side at no charge as part of my continuing passion to keep helping others.

I moved back to Oregon in July 2013 and discovered Bike Friday. Not long after being here I found that they too have a great passion to improve the lives of their employees, their clients and the world around them. I came here for a job and became part of a family.

Having a family is one of the greatest gifts in life. When you get a Bike Friday, you’re not just buying a great custom fitted bike; you’re joining a family. A family owned company who stands behind every bike they’ve made since 1992, and who continue to be there to make sure you have a lifetime of pedaling enjoyment.

Ridding my bicycle here in Oregon gives me access to places where no automobile can never tread. It's not only a fun and economical way for me to get to where I'm going, but it offers a more personal relationship with the world around. When biking, I get to meet like minded people, make new friends and I get to experience my environment in a more natural and healthier way.

Thank you for your interest in Bike Friday, and Happy Cycling!

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