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Eric Fischnaller  Sales Consultant

Pronunciation: fish-nawler

Bike Fanatic, Long-time Mountain Biker, Commuter

Bikes have been a passion of mine pretty much since the get-go. I started riding in pre-school without training wheels and never looked back!

About 15 years ago when I moved to Vancouver, WA I reconnected with a longtime friend who was seriously into Mountain Biking. He asked me if I still had that "awesome mountain bike" that he remembered from when we were kids.  I did.... unfortunately it wasn't so awesome anymore. People weren't using cantilever brakes or 3 x 6 18-speed setups for mountain biking anymore.... they had gone to 3" travel hardtails or 4" travel full-suspension mountain bikes. They were going up and down steeper terrain with better traction, had v-brake and disc-brake systems, etc....  Well, after riding one of his spare bikes a few times I was hooked!

The idea of spending thousands of dollars on a bike was very foreign to me, and I didn't want to commit that much cash to something I was only recently getting into, so I went out and bought a middle of the line (lowest-end with US-Made frame) Trek 6500.  From the Trek I went to an Ellsworth Truth, an Ellsworth ID and my current offroad machine, a Turner 5-spot.

I picked up a nice road bike in January, just a few months before I started work at Bike Friday and really enjoyed the SPEED and efficiency of the ride, but had trouble with longer rides due to discomfort in my lower back and neck. I have VERY long legs and a shorter torso for someone my height (76”) and in order to get proper leg extension either I have to run a very long seatpost and smaller frame or large frame and then lean way over to get to the handlebars.  I was working on how to fix my predicament when I came to work at Bike Friday.  The Pocket Rocket immediately had my attention. Here’s a bike that can go just as fast as my 700 x 23c bike, climb hills better and accelerate much faster, but FITS me since it’s custom made for me.  And, as an added bonus, I can fold it up and put it in the Honda Civic should I be meeting my wife somewhere after work, or for weekend travel.

I like to keep up on what's new in cycling, have built up several of my own bikes and helped most of my friends and family with their purchasing decisions over the last 10 or so years, and now I'm here to help you build the bike of your dreams. And I'm starting to think in terms of a Bike Friday for my whole family.

Isn't it time you did the same thing? Give me a call at 800-777-0258 or e-mail me to discuss how to fit a Bike Friday into your lifestyle!

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