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Dave Seybert  Bicycle Expert, Oregon Randonneur, year-round commuter, wannabe triathlete, single-speed bike builder, road bike & recumbent

Bike Friday: Enno Orange Nexus-8 New World Tourist, Cream Soda Blue SatRday MKII Tour

Although we have a rather large collection of cycling enthusiasts roaming the halls of Bike Friday, it doesn't mean we spent all our time on folding bikes.

For example, I've recently been tinkering with building single-speed road bikes from vintage steel frames and components. I've built my own single speeds, both from salvaged frames and parts, including a DIY rechargeable lighting system for one of them. 

One is built from a Raleigh 27" wheel frame and a mix of old and new components. The other is built from an Italian racing frame, a cache of vintage Campy Record parts, and a set of new wheels that I built myself (a first for me). I use them extensively for commuting, along with my high-tech Shimano Nexus Bike Friday.

So when it comes time to find a way to get the essence of your big bike with your Bike Friday, I like to think I can help. I've lived the gamut of bike fads, and have expertise in centuries and brevets.

My first bike was a Schwinn Stingray with a purple sparkle banana seat and a sissy bar. My first real bike was a Raleigh Superbe. It was one of the high points of British cycling design, with a lugged Reynolds frame, Brooks saddle, a Sturmey Archer internal hub and a dynohub lighting system.

The next step was a nice Mercian 10-speed, definitely a step above the Schwinn Varsitys and Raleigh Gran Prixs my buddies were riding.

Collectively, those bikes changed my life.

I started doing some longer day rides and weekend tours in the Washington, DC area, as well as some rides with my high school and college bike racing clubs. I still have a leather helmet from this era.

Both bikes were stolen during my college days, and I went into cycling hibernation for a decade or more. I got back into cycling for fitness, commuting and rail/trail rides, doing it all on one of the early hybrid bikes.

Eventually, I moved to Eugene and got serious again about cycling, which of course required a new bike. It is a retro randonee bike with a lugged steel frame and barcon shifters.

In the last couple of years, I have completed a bunch of centuries, and logged a lot of miles day tripping in the Cascades, the Willamette Valley and the Coast Range. I completed my first triathlon at age 44 in 2003 and several 200K brevets in 2006-2007.

We sold our second car when we moved to Eugene, and use bikes extensively for family transportation. I am about 90% car-free personally.

My wife is so happy that I work at BF, because now I have a captive audience to talk to about bikes, and she is off the hook.

Call me. Let's talk about bikes.

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